Mothering by Moynan King

February 14–17, 2017
Open daily from 4pm–10pm

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

Un party pyjama avec des jeux de société, du chocolat chaud et des contes au lit avant de faire dodo.


Performed by Moynan King, Nathalie Claude, and Dayna McLeod

Part visual art installation and part interactive performance, Mothering is a 4-day pyjama party complete with board games, warm ovaltine, bed time stories and the familiar touch of mother’s warm hand on your cheek as you drift off to sleep. Audience members are greeted at the door of the gallery, offered a flannel nightshirt and are gently encouraged to become a part of the installation itself. Exploring and confounding the line between audience and performer, Mothering recognizes the audience as significant in the art-making process. Just like Mom would.

“Thank you for helping me with the puzzle, thank you for not making me do my own dishes, and thank you for brushing my hair.”  ~Your daughter, Miriam

“Trop cool d’avoir trios maman.”  ~Your son, Jerome 

“Of course you can bring your friends…and stay as long as you want.”  ~Mom


[ Performance in Installation ]

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