Cindy Baker

Image Credit: Cindy Baker. Fashion Plate. 2005. Photo by Miklos Legrady. 

Over the last few years, Cindy Baker has built a solid professional practice whose focus has mostly been on visual art. Educated in a formalist institution, her post-schooling years have seen her concentrate more and more on the theoretical, conceptual and performative/ephemeral aspects of her work. She considers her art to exist in the experience, process, dissemination and thought (of the artist, as well as of the audience.) Cindy now works with very varied material; she considers context her major media. Despite a very formal art education, she considers her non-formal training and research in gender culture, queer theory and art theory to be as important in her development as a contemporary artist.

Currently Programme Coordinator at AKA Gallery in Saskatoon as well as a practising interdisciplinary and performance artist, Cindy Baker also volunteers for and sits on the boards of a number of Saskatoon organisations. Before moving to Saskatoon she worked for Latitude 53 Society of Artists, Harcourt House Arts Centre, the Fine Arts Building Gallery, Metro Cinema Film Society, The Works International Festival of Visual Art and Sightlines International Print Symposium in Edmonton. She is also an independent curator and writer. The past few years demonstrate the firm commitment she has made to her local communities; not only as a practising artist, but as an employee, volunteer, board member, educator, advocate, curator and audience member.

Since some of her biggest interests are skewing context and (re)examining societal standards, especially as they relate to language and dissemination of information, Cindy has a particular professional interest in the function of artist-run centres as a breeding ground of deviation. She perceives a need for intervention and collaboration, both within the art world and in the community at large.


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